You might know his as Robert.  You might know him as CapturedByRob.  You might know him as TPS Beats.  You might know him as FlyExpat.  Its clear he's a man with too many aliases but regardless of what you know him as or what random place in the world you might have met him, there's probably a good story involved.  He's a Film Maker / Photographer / Travel Blogger / Music Producer.  He's traveled across the world capturing some of the amazing sights he's witnessed along the way.  His interest in photography started early, simply wanting to have a way to reflect on his life.  As time went on his love for photography grew, his knowledge and ability did as well.   This quickly translated into film making which at this moment in time he actually prefers.  However, he began making music well before any of that.  Around the age of 12 he started recording songs with his friends using a video game headset over instrumentals downloaded from the internet.  Shortly after he discovered FL Studio and started making his own beats for himself and others.  From there he stopped recording vocals and strictly stuck to the producing side and has been producing beats/instrumentals ever since.  He's constantly creating and has his hands in many different forms of content because he believes in producing more than consuming.